Available in all the main digital stores from 27/6/2018
Is a song that describes a vision of life.

When you born, your vision of reality is pretty small:  mum, food, sleeping.
Growing up, you understand you have family, friends, school and your vision Rises. 
It’s becoming wider than before, and you understand that reality is much wider than you thought before.
Then, you understand you will work all your life, that you have social duties, you have to manage personal relationships, wife, kids, etc.
So your  vision of reality becomes wider again, like the fractal: 
at the beginning you see only a little piece,
 later on you will see all the surrounding shapes.
Every 10/15 years a new layer of Music is built,
as the skills you build to reach your goals every step of your life
While you Rise, the life changes colors and shapes, as the fractal. 
Till the end, when the colors becomes less vivid and the shapes more precise, 
you consolidate your vision of life.
That means:

- life behaves like fractals

- We must know that our current view of reality is just the 
current piece of the fractal that we see and in the future it will become wider, 
so we will RISE.
The song is based on 2 curative frequencies, so after listening, you should feel more relaxed.

Idea, Music and video: 
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