Three better than two with tag
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Three better than two with tag
is a musical demonstration and a fractal song.
From a personal life experience, 
there are absolutely no references to people,
 only references to concepts. 
This song
 works like a mathematical theorem. 
means that knowing the fundamental rules of the song,
it is possibile, easy and almost automatic, to add many other voices,
 and grow up from 1, 2, 3 to infinite voices.
As in life, the more we interact, the better are our melodies

aims to demonstrate that sometimes in life, 
because of we completely accept "tags"  (social roles), 
we miss best opportunities to create our life's best melodies 
The story:
After the intro,
2 sound will appear, will interact, fall in love and stay together.
After a while, however, the melodies that they can create end up,
 because they limit their interactions to 2.
And so they find themselves locked up in a small, boring space,
 in this moment the S.O.S. code is heard.
The third one arrives and the melodies expand.
The potential of each is multiplied by the interaction with others 
and now they are in conditions to create beautiful melodies,
 which are the goal of life.
Thanks for your time,

Idea, music and video: Luca Patrone
Drums arrangement: QC
inspired by Roli
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